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WHAT ARE THE 5Rhythms®?

The 5Rhythms® comprise a simple movement practice designed to
release the dancer that lives in everybody, no matter what its shape,
size, age, limitations and experience. To find your dance is to find
yourself, at your most fluid and creative level. While the practice
itself is the essence of simplicity, it has the power to catalyze deep
healing and creative expression. The primary teaching of this work
is: If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself.
The 5rhythms® are flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.
They come together to create the Wave, a movement meditation
practice. Rather than having steps to follow, each rhythm is a
different energy field in which you find your own expression and
choreography, thereby stretching your imagination as well as your
body. Each rhythm is a teacher and you can expect to meet different
and sometimes unknown aspects of yourself as your dance unfolds
and your practice of the rhythms deepens over time.
The rhythms are the foundation of Gabrielle's body of work, a series
of healing maps for the body, heart, mind, soul and spirit that
provide a lifetime of self-discovery and a path to awakening. The
5Rhythms® practice starts you on that journey and is the place to
which you will always return.


In every class or workshop, there is always a wide range of
experience in the 5Rhythms® work- from first-timers to certified
Wave addicts. In any given class, the teacher will be following the
energy in the room. So, while the essential map is one of five
rhythms, the teacher might take the class through the entire Wave or
focus on just one rhythm or one facet of a rhythm.
The rhythms themselves are gateways to literally thousands of
different movement landscapes. Like the body, they are alive and
designed to catalyze the dancer's movement expression in the
moment. You are different every time you walk into the room, so is
the group and so is your teacher. Therefore, each class holds
completely unique possibilities.


1. Go at your own pace
2. Be responsible for your own body (stay aware of injuries and
3. Keep your eyes open to stay aware of others
4. Dance barefoot or in dance shoes only - no socks on the floor
5. Move how you feel and stay open to changing
6. Know that everything that is alive has a dance, and your only
task is to find and express yours
7. Enjoy yourself! (Excessive seriousness may slow you down)

Text by Moving Center School Ca.